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• Home measuring and sampling service.

• We Guarantee we are never beaten on price.

• All fitting is GUARANTEED to be the highest standard by our own fitters.

• A complete design service for home and office available.

• Laminate Flooring

• We have 1000′s of satisfied customers who use us again and again!

• Insurance work undertaken

• Give us a try, we know you wont be disappointed.


CarpetsWhy choose carpet for your home?

The look of a well fitted carpet will enhance your room. It is great to look at, and gives the feel of a luxury natural textile. Carpet has a natural built in insulation for maintaining warmth and reducing noise from around your home. A wide choice of fashionable colours and textures are available to suit individual tastes. If looked after a carpet will stay looking great and give you many years of service.

Why choose a carpet from Kevin Corcoran?

Kevin Corcoran Carpets & Vinyls offer a large choice of wool rich carpets in a range of plain, textured and woven designs. We offer high quality carpet in various weights for all areas of your home. We have considerable experience in the carpet industry. With this solid background we are confident in offering our ranges of carpet to our customers. You can be assured that the service you receive will encourage you to revisit us for future carpet purchases.

Choosing the right carpet for you...

Carpet durability and life is dependant on choosing the right carpet for the floor area you wish to cover. The carpet pile itself, the fibre, the weight of the fibre, and the density of the pile, will all contribute to the performance of the carpet. We have a large choice of carpets, available in various weights as follows:

Medium Domestic Carpet

Medium domestic quality carpet is suitable for light use areas of the home, for example, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms, and Studies etc.

Heavy Domestic Carpet

Heavy domestic quality carpet is suitable for all areas of the home including Bedrooms, Dining Rooms and Studies.

Extra Heavy Domestic Carpet

Extra heavy domestic quality carpet is suitable for all areas of the home.

The carpet colour and texture is very much a personal choice. Whether you choose a plain or berber mixture, a loop pile or a patterned, you can be sure that it will give your room a fantastic look.